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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 27, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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oh, we have the kissing now. joey and katherine getting married in nantucket. >> some good looking couples. >> what a month. good thing there's nothing in july. oh, wait, the conventions. it's "morning joe". stick around. good morning. i'm stephanie. this morning, teaming uphill ri clinton hit the campaign trail together for the first time. is this an audition for v.p.? >> i am ready to get in this fight. >> it shows clinton's lead growing. >> you can't respond with a tweet. you to deliver results. >> we have the very latest.
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investors bracing for another rough day on wall street. the markets opens for the first time, what you need to know for your 401 k. >> we should not be suffering. breaking overnight, emergency landing, a plane on fire as it comes in for a landing. we have the dramatic story. plus, california chaos. at least seven people stabbed when a white supremist group clashed with protesters. we'll have the latest. first, the new nbc wall street journal poll shows clinton widening her lead. clinton will join forces with
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warren. give us the latest, a little girl power morning. >> reporter: it definitely is great to talk to you. welcome to you. look, this is a critical day for the clinton campaign for a host of reasons. it will be her first joint event. the clinton campaign sees warren as one of the most effective attack dogs suited to get under his skin. she helps to rally the senator sanders supporters who aren't so conventioned th convinced they need to get on board. this could be the most important one. she is on secretary clinton's short list far possibfor a poss
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v.p. pick. what is the chemistry like? warren isn't the only one on the list. virginia senator also high at the top of that list. there's no doubt the campaign eyeing very closely. clinton widening her difference. according to the poll leaving him by 5 points. of course we are in the critical battleground state of ohio. optics will be powerful later today. >> yeah. and we have to turn to wall street's reaction to leave the european union. it appears we are headed for another rough ride after friday's blood bath. the dow plinunged more than 600
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points. i want to begin with olivia sterns. what do things look like down there? >> reporter: good morning. we are set to open lower. futures have been recovering over the course of the morning. dow and s&p expected to open about half of more than 1%. the selling will be less intense. some markets bounced back ending the day in the green. european stocks are continuing to be -- two big banks with operations in the u.s. both down. the pound pag the most pain at about $1.32. it is time to book your trip to birmingham palace. we were only off for the week
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1.6%. traders will buying up stocks. this week will be all about trying to sift through what america and america countries is to the brexit. we do not know what these trade deals with going look like. we don't know if it will go to paris. to what extent is the american economy exposed? >> thank you to olivia sterns. we are expecting to hear from david cameron in the next hour. his goal is likely to calm the markets. we know he is resigning. he simply want to calm everyone. how big is this buyer's remorse
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around brexit? people are say wling what have done but they voted for it a few days ago. >> it h. >> reporter: it has been a popular narrative. it captivated the hearts of all of these and inflicted a lot of fear into the people who were favoring. britain surprised even people in the financial markets here. as you mentioned before, right behind me is where i'll see him. this will be waiting to see some taste of certainty from this. let me take you to where the sloeters reported to leave. they are gathering in berlin and paris and try to ing to figure
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what they are going to do. they say britain needs to speed ahead to move ahead with the plan to divorce the european union. a lot of the campaign, specifically boris johnson is saying you can take as much time as you need here. >> i guess the question is what's next? thank you matt bradley. now to the deadliest fsh flood there this country in years. police still looking for more vi v victims in west virginia. they may get hit again by weather. we'll begin in white sulfur springs, west virginia. >> reporter: 300 national guard
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troops are on the ground. there's lot of traffic backed up here, that is because roads have completely caved into the water. 500 homes have been damages. a lot of those people are wake up in shelters. many who survived left with only the clothes on their back. take a listen. >> 43 year of stuff just being thrown out. it's hard. this is my son's baby book. >> reporter: my goodness. zbli don't know >> i don't know if i can save the pictures or not. zbli don't kn >> i don't know where to start. i just sit and cry. >> i was born and raised here. it will never be the same again. ranch >> reporter: a lot of those people applying for federal aid.
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in areas where the national guard can't reach neighbors are stepping in to help. they are making sure everyone has everything they need with another flash flood warning for some of the hardest hit tragedies. >> and a look ahead for what to come including heavy rain forecast. bill, it seems like it's not ending. >> yeah, the people are kind of on edge. the skies are opening up with showers and thunderstorms. this is the 12th deadliest. here the most. i do not think we'll see
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anything close to what we experienced. we are very in the west. temperatures into the 100s. great weather in the northern half of the country. we have details on republican delegates, how real is the trump threat in we'll talk to the trump campaign next. plus you have got look at this video. a wing catches on fire during an emergency landing. a live report straight ahead. served the military for over 75 years! roger that. captain's waiting to give you a tour of the wisconsin now.
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new details this morning on
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grass roots movement determine today oust donald trump. organizers discussed these plans, establishing a command center in cleveland, hiring official staff and rolling out advertisements in key states over the next week. let's get reaction to this and much more from the cochair. sam, thanks for joining us this morning. f >> thanks for having me. >> the polls are not move in your favor. is there a plan to top this? >> they will find out the futili futility. i talked to a lot are people. they will have an opportunity.
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i think we already have a presuchipr presumptive nomination. a lot of people don't feel like they can support mr. trump. i think they will get over it. >> we have seen more and more people sigh lents their support. he would not say whether he thought donald trump was qualifiqualif qualified for the job. >> we have a lot of people inside the media circles. a lot of people are look a this candidate as something that really troubles them. i think until they feel like they could control their tonighting paertd.
6:16 am
let's make no bones about it. it has been highlighted and i thid we have a different electoral coming it here. >> and for clarification, you do not think you need to have a counter plan to silence the movement? you think it will just burn out? >> we have all of the things going on. we are dealing with delegates, reaching out to state tear persons. we have the people who department us. we are working that. this is the kind of thing to be doing, that i can sure we'll have a good con sengs. and i want to talk about things don nold trump over the weekend.
6:17 am
he said i don't want people coming in from the terror countries. i don't want them unless they are strongly vetted. we have rules that are already in place for these kind of operations. we also need cooperation of our allies. we would like to have their cooperation in helping in the vetting of these people as they are in transit. we like to make sure we have a much stronger and much more details vetting process so we can make the connections when a person lands in the united states, that we clearly understand who they are, where they are going, if they have a means to support themselves and
6:18 am
they are not going to become a threat to this country as a hostile threat to this nation. i don't think that's asking too much. >> help us understand what these terror countries are. you have terrorists here in france and belgium. i think typical issues with folks that have spawned terrorist activities in this country -- this is a murky area, as you know. it is growing out of a particular place. when they come from those countries we are going stop and ask the country to help us. >> america first has been one of trump's slogans.
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following the market losing billions donald trump didn't talk about that. he talked about his golf source. is it about don nltd trump or america in we want to make sure they are considered first. that's really what it's about. a terrifying landing on a passenger jet. the plane's wing is actually on fire. how did it happen? that story right after the break. getting faster. huh? detecting threats faster, responding faster, recovering faster. when your security's built in not just bolted on, and you protect the data and not just the perimeter, you get faster. wow, speed kills.
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mother in-law with a glad bag, full of trash. what happens next? nothing. only glad has febreze to neutralize odors for 5 days. guaranteed. even the most perceptive noses won't notice the trash. be happy. it's glad. breaking overnight terrifying moments in singapore on a plane that caught fire. singapore airlines says the right jet ignited with more than 200 passenger and crew inside. we cover the aviation industry.
6:23 am
he joins me now. >> reporter: thank you. it was leaving singapore fo for milan. once on the ground an engine and then a wing burst into flames. a terrifying sight no airlines passenger wants to see, the engine and then the wing of a jet on fire monday morning. the boeing 777 on its way t to milan was forced to turn around following an engine message. moments after that the right engine caught fire. passengers had to wait inside the plane until firefighters could douse the plane. a woman posted i just escaped death. i thank god i'm alive. i'm going to hug my kids. everyone got off the plane
6:24 am
safely. singapore airlines says it will cooperate fully to determine what went wrong. they suggest the plane was probably dumping fuel ton won te way back to the airport. fire rescue crews were on the ground very quick lichly. >> extraordinary es cr. notwithstandi thank you. friday's massive dive, what you need to know, we'll give it to you. stay with us. ♪
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can give you ans adntage.together only at a sleep like trubiotics with immune support advantag its unique formula sports immune health in two ways. with probiotics that work in your gut. and antioxidants that work throughout your body. trubiotics from one a day. glad forceflex. extra strong to avoid rips and tears. be happy, it's glad. now time for your morning. this is the first opening. we are likely 30 minutes away from a major supreme court ruling. it would determine if new texas
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requirements propose an unconstitutional undue burden for texas women. pope francis says the church should apologize to gay people and others exploited by the catholic church. and two adults and three children were killed in colorado after a vehicle fail today yield to an amtrak train. in california crews are finally starting to get a handle on a raging wild fire that claimed at least 200 homes. officials say the blaze is now 40% contained. now we have got to take you back to a different kind of fire, back to wall street. we are minutes away from the opening bell. it appears the sellout will continue. msnbc is joined by berry.
6:29 am
welcome. it is noisy down there but what's the vieb? >> the big question is whether or not we oversold on friday. stocks are still set to fall at the open but they recovered. the dow and s&p set to open about half to 1% lower. put this in perspective. we saw the dow fall on friday. for the week is index was only off about 1.6%. traders kept putting that to remain in the european union. it finds out where the stocks are going on. the bell is going off right now. >> there it is. there it is. the bell going off. friday was not a day todissect.
6:30 am
everyone was so surprised. here we are a day out. great. the prize is ovsurprise is over. the votes in. >> this was never going to be a blowout one way or another. the polls were pretty close, a slight edge to stay. you had a lot of rain and la last-minute changes. you have to make a plan and think long term and not get drawn into the day-to-day noise. >> we are a minute into it. your average 401 k lost 3 grand on friday. >> it's a biggie if you look at just friday. people think maybe the lead won't win.
6:31 am
the markets rallied up until the point of the vote. in fact the british stock market actually finished up on the week, that's how much people wrongly were anticipating markets would get this off and everyone would move forward. >> the markets have been uncertain. there hasn't been conviction. does it add to that? >> the markets are always uncertain. >> they aren't always uncertain. >> every year it is a random person winning aennd most peopl are wrong! a lot of people lost money friday and clearly again this morning. >> we don't invest monday through friday. we invest for years and decades at a time. if you invest and 20 years from
6:32 am
now when you retire you're not going see this little blip that was brexit. it is not going have that much impact if you're a u.s. citizen. if you're a u.k. citizen, i think people over there will be generally surprised what the ramifications are. a long-term investor with a diversified port foal yefoliopo pass in a moment in time. >> if england voted this way we could see this and suddenly the whole euro is in question. >> reporter: the dow hit 18,000 in december of 2014 and right now a dow at 17,200. it certainly seems to be going to linger ahead and linger over the summer.
6:33 am
we have little sense of what's going on. if you think about the total market cap that was wiped off on friday, it was over $2 trillion. it was the size of the british economy. in that sense it seems to be an over overreaction. they don't have any exposure the europe and might be a little bit of a bargain. >> if i'm a policymaker what do i want to do? simply say i want to make it really hard for you so no one tries to leave? >> there are rumblings that say we know you have a year or two to do the request. if you don't want to be part of the e.u. let's get you out now
6:34 am
and not mess around with this. the biggest uncertainty, does this start the hougs of towards collapsing? does scotland leave the u.k.? or do we see some other pop list movements in some other states? there are 50 other referendums about staying or going. if this is the loose thread that's where there is a lot of uncertainty and a lot of potential problem. it all depends how the u.k. anand and e.u. of are the kids going to get hurt because it is so ugly? >> you saw whals to the banks and i think to begin with i
6:35 am
think london's claim on being the financial center in the world it was fading two or three years ago. if this goes through you have no hope. >> if this goes through. they have no -- some of that will go to to scotland. it will go to frank forford. london voted over weoverwhelminy to stay. whether it is good for the rest of the country we'll find out. there is a pretty strong argument to be made. it will cause a lot of financial pain and maybe aeceven a recess in great britain.
6:36 am
>> we know he will be resigning but i'm guessing the goal is the all the markets. that's not happening just yet? >> reporter: no but we have heard hem cothem come out and s, we are here and inject more liquidity into the markets. goldman sachs has predicted a recession in the u.k. the dow is off by about 1%. the banks are still beigoing douchblt. >> -- down. >> once you have said it again and again it carries less and less weight. thank you so much. we'll be checking in with you again. barry is here. thank you for joining us. >> thanks so much.
6:37 am
two of the most powerful women uniting, elizabeth warren and hillary clinton, we'll have that coming up live in studio next. at just 12 years old greg began building ponds with his dad. by the time he was 25 he had a booming business. behind the scenes a. will your business be ready when growth esents itself? our new cocktail bitters were doing well, but after one tradeshow, we took off. all i could think about was our deadlines racing towards us. a loan would take too long. we needed money, now. amy amex card helped me buy the ingredients to fill the orders.
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for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. ask your doctor about viagra single packs. you are watching msnbc. we are closely watching the markets ten minutes into the trading day. we are less than one hour away from hillary clinton joining elizabeth warren for the first time together. the two are holding an event in ohio. the appearance is significant as clinton try to go win over bernie sanders supporters. joining me now is the cofounder and editor and chief of the h f huffi huffington post.
6:41 am
she is also author of transforming your life one night at a time. welcome. >> thank you. congratulations on your show. >> thank you. we have to talk about clinton and warren. how big is this moment? from a woman perspective there hasn't been a big moment as we saw when president obama was the first african american. >> i think two women is even more historic. from what i'm hearing she is one of a few potential dhoiss. something very interesting i heard is that the campaign is even looking at potentially bringing in a business leader! business leader? >> yeah. on the grounds that part of what hillary clinton wants on is a
6:42 am
reformed kind of capitalism. both of them have taken major substantial doub stands on that. 1% of equity, 1% of product and services go to enter prizes. he told him you can't give health care to part-time employees. it is a different kind of capitalism. there are still people who think that donald trump is a great business leader. maybe they watched one too many episodes of the apprentice. it would be great to have a business leader countering him. >> is it a move on clinton's part? one of the reasons they liked sanders so much is because they want change. clearly howard shutt, they havee
6:43 am
in politics. >> yes. that's donald trump's appeal. somebody who's never been in politics who would that appeal without the craziness and the instanlt and racist. >> look how far he has gotten. they said we'll keep him in the entertainment section where he should be. here we are now. >> yes. it ared and shows that effectively the media propelled him because it was when he had no fundraising or infrastructure. they covered him as a serious
6:44 am
can ki d candidate. only 12% of coverage was about what he was proposing. they gave him what is known as the invisible primary. now they changed the stance a lit billion little bit. he moved in without moving into a racist tirade. it was the gettysburg address. it was supposed to be a great moment in the campaign! what about journalists who say you know what? donald trump literally and figuratively speaks to us. journalists are talking to voice mail after voice mail.
6:45 am
if donald trump doesn't like you he will correctly call you back. >> and the fact that you have major donald trump endorsements who is not willing to say that he is qualified to run is unprecedented. how are you endorsing somebody who thinks you are not qualified. >> one of the prop is they vote ds for change without a lan? do you think people want change but they have yet to hear a plan? >> yes. people are not happy and they have a lot of legitimate reasons to be angry. the problems i have seen with
6:46 am
be brexit is not checking out the consequences of your decision is problematic. now we need trexit. >> trexit. >> and i would love to have so many republicans trexiting following in the footsteps so we have trouble for them even showing up. >> reporter: when you think about like blt it sefrtlike bla.
6:47 am
>> i think whether they like her suits or the fact that she didn't leave her husband she is the one and only thing standing between the united states and the threat of a donald trump presidency. you don't have to like her to vote for hillary clinton. this is your only chance to stop donald trump. >> are you surprised more people haven't stepped out to say i'm with hillary. >> i think it is important for people to understand she is the only thing between us and donald trump presidency. >> thank you so, so much. the one and only ariana huffington. we have to take a quick look at the markets. again, the markets continue to slide. we have recovered a little bit. it is up just above 200 before. hanging, really not a recovery. david want to become the markets.
6:48 am
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several people have been hospitalized after getting stabbed during a violent clash at a white supremacist rally in sacramento, california. nbc's tammy leitner joins us live with the details. tammy, what happened? >> reporter: well, stephanie, what we know is that a white supremacist group that goes by the name, the traditionalist worker party, they had permission to be here and actually hold a rally, but when a counterprotest group showed up, that's when things really got out of hand. >> reporter: chaos at california's state capital after a protest rally sunday turned bloody. the violence breaking out between several groups, about 30 members of a neo-nazi group
6:52 am
called the traditionalist worker party, who had a permit to hold the event, clashed with hundreds of counter-protesters, who say they are fighting for equality. >> we shut down the nazis, and in the process of that, you know, they attacked us, but they were not successful in doing that on balance overall. >> reporter: more than 100 people throwing objects at the capitol building, smashing glass. >> they're throwing water bottles with some sort of fluid. >> pepper spray, looks like. >> and shouting obscenities at a each other. >> nazi scum! >> reporter: at least seven people were stabbed during the melee. >> stabbing victim on the ground. >> reporter: some of the injured believed to be members of the twp, a group that describes itself as committed to fighting discrimination against whites. police keeping the area on lockdown for several hours, but no arrests were made. >> it could have been much worse. unfortunately, the individuals that were injured today were part of these two parties that
6:53 am
were inevitably going to have a confrontation. >> reporter: just a short while ago, we spoke with the two hospitals that treated the patients and they tell us their conditions range from good to critical. stephanie? >> thank you, nbc's tamma tammy lightner. we've got to take a quick look at the markets, now down 216. we're only 23 minutes into trading and the market is headed in one direction, in the red. not a positive for those who are long. we've got to move on, though. last night, there was a big, big tribute at the b.e.t. awards, including a surprise performance from a queen. you know who i'm talking about, beyonce. and we are keeping an eye on the supreme court, where any minute now, we are expecting the court to deliver a major opinion on abortion. live coverage, coming up. ♪
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glad forceflex. extra strong to avoid rips and tears. be happy, it's glad. ♪ may the last one burn into
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flames ♪ ♪ freedom, freedom ♪ cant move ♪ freedom cut me loose >> there she is. last night's b.e.t. awards opened with a surprise. a performance by the one and only beyonce. no doubt, she pulled out all the stops, including splashing through an on-stage pool. that's right. while singing a song off her new album, the b.e.t. awards promised a better tribute to prince than the grammies and many say the awards show certainly delivered. there were performances from big artists throughout the evening, including the roots, stevie wonder, and longtime friend and collaborate to prince, sheila e., but it was jennifer hudson who brought down the house. seriously, you've got to youtube this, with her rendition of "purple rain." ♪
6:58 am
♪ yeah >> and yet another tribute last night, a visibly emotional leyla ali paid tribute to her late father. >> these past few weeks, my father's generosity and love has been matched by a worldwide outpouring of love and reverence for him and our entire family. my father also once said, if people love each other as much as they love me, it would be a better world. >> another highlight from the b.e.t. celebration, actor jesse williams from "grey's anatomy" received a standing ovation for his powerful speech on racism while accepting the humanitarian award. and finally, we've got to take you to nascar, that's right, where about -- it was an off-road rage crisis, i could say, that forced two drivers from behind the wheel and ton to the track, physically, after
6:59 am
bumping driv ining bumpers, to into it right there on the track. the fight included punches and moves more suited to a wrestling ring. i mean, that's sports, violence, entertainment -- i don't know what that is. a driving official eventually got involved to end the brawl. and that's going end to our hour, our first hour. hope you enjoyed and it come back tomorrow. i'm stephanie rule. coming up right now, more news with thomas roberts. hi, everybody. i'm thomas roberts. and all eyes are on the supreme court, where any minute, we are expecting this major ruling on abortion, and whether a 2013 texas law concerning abortion providers poses an unconstitutional, undue burden on texas women. and this decision, delivered before the court ends its term for summer break, is expected to be the most significant in decades. potentially, reshaping women's health care in this country. we're going to bring you that ruling as soon as we have it.
7:00 am
but we do want to begin with what some are calling the democratic a-team. hillary clinton and elizabeth warren campaigning together this hour in the battleground state of ohio. now, when they take the stage in cincinnati, it's going to be the first time the two will appear on the trail together. and we are expecting them to go after donald trump. but the rally is also fueling some speculation, that this is doubling as an audition of sorts, for the massachusetts senator. all of our reporting indicates that warren is a series contender for the democratic ticket. and this morning, two new national polls have clinton widening her lead over republican donald trump. our nbc news/"wall street journal" survey has her up by five points. that's slightly up, three points from may. and while an abc news/"washington post" poll has clinton up by 12 points. nbc's kristen welker is joining us now from cincinnati. kristen, this is a big moment for hillary clinton, but what are you hearing? is it fair to characterize this moment for elizabeth warren and hillary clinton, as an


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